Thursday, December 1, 2016

Break Feast

Spiced Green Smoothie

1 frozen (super ripe) banana
1 c or so of fresh spinach, or any leafy green 
1 c almond milk
nutmeg (or allspice or five spice)
cayenne pepper

scoop of peanut butter if you want to make it more substantial (and also really delicious) 

Blend and enjoy. 

Another successful Thanksgiving feast has come and gone, and somehow, it is already December. Billy and I hosted Thanksgiving this year, and with the combined effort of both sets of parents (and grandmother), we had one of the best Thanksgiving meals I can remember. I had, of course, big plans to share all of those wonderful things we enjoyed, however in the madness of prepping, cooking and visiting, I was overwhelmingly sucked into the moment, and neither took photos or payed any attention to the fine details of what I was doing to make all of those delicious things. So better yet, I've decided to tackle the aftermath. Although this green smoothie happens to be seasonally spiced, this is my go to for a lighter start to my day all year round. 

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