Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Year

Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad with Lemon & Pistachio

2 tbs shallot, diced
2 tbs olive oil 
1-2 c brussels sprouts, peeled  
1/4-1/2 c shelled pistachios
juice of 1/2 of a lemon

Heat the shallot and the olive oil in a saute pan and cook until fragrant over medium-high heat. Toss in the brussels and the pistachios and saute, stirring occasionally, until brussels have browned and are crispy but not overcooked. Add salt and pepper to taste. Turn off heat and toss in lemon juice. Enjoy warm as a side dish or as an entree. 

A new year. A fresh start. It always feels good. With the Holidays full of friends and family and celebrating with delicious food and drinks, it feels natural to want to clean up and simplify life for the beginning of the year. With so many things to focus on, such as organic versus not organic, whether your choices are sustainable or not, local and seasonal versus economical or convenient, it can be overwhelming. Lots of goals. One recipe at a time. 

Happy New Year!

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