My curiosity has the best of me and to my (happy) surprise much of the company around me. This is my effort to share my wins and losses in bread baking, cooking and urban gardening and to tell a few stories along the way.

My name is Emily and I live in the incredible city of Chicago with my husband Billy, pup Lola and scheming cat Lomez. In an ongoing attempt to eat and drink well, I gather inspiration from travel but try to shop local, I grow a few things, and let little go to waste. 

I have been fumbling through the culinary world my whole life. My first paid job was at a local farmer’s market and then in the bar and restaurant industry all through my 20’s. Earning my BFA, emphasis on Illustration, I tried my luck in the world of design and ended up in high-end catering and ultimately special events. I've been experimenting in the kitchen the whole time. Throughout all of it, my love to create and my respect for food have only become stronger and I can only hope to share a piece of that with the world. After all, it'd be crazy not to.



  1. Can't wait to try the leak soup!!!!!
    Do you have any muffin recipes to share?
    Your big sis.....Leslie


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